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Nice Weather and Yard Work

We had several really nice days. G got some work done in the yard. 

He took all of the metal posts and fence down, Filled the beds with  rich dark compost.


He is cementing post in the ground and we will put up better fencing.

 This the overgrown chick yard. We are planning on getting chicks in the spring so this area needed cleaned out. I have tried to lead the goats in to clean it up but they would rather go to the big chicken yard,

You can't even see the chick coop. G cut a bottom section of the fence 

Goats found the hole and started munching away 

 This is just 24 hours later. Now it is just a few weed stalks closer to the ground


 I have talked before about our almost 2 year olds still nursing. I finally had my camera and caught Lefty. He is just a tad bigger than his momma. What a bunch of big babies.

I didn't get a picture but I went out to the garage the other day and there was 3 goats in the driveway! 3 of the weather broke their fence and decided to wander around. G fixed their fence and we got them where they needed to be

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. Feeding time is a nightmare. We have enough dishes to feed 25 goats. I feel like a pinball when filling their dishes.. They will surround me even though some of the dishes are filled. Then run from dish to dish 

At night G will lure the goats outside so I can shut the door and fill the dishes with their grain. Except for Monroe. He stays in the barn. He gets his choice of dishes. Smart little guy

When I open the door they stampede in. I can then feed Xena, get water and hay without being mauled.

That is pretty much it. How was your week?

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  • just so glald you are doing better you do take care

    poland Velma

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