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Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. 

We did a good cleaning of the girls barn this week and laid down straw. Getting ready for winter and the deep litter method. We will keep adding straw. Hate it in the spring when we have to clean 12" of muck but it keeps them warm.

I noticed Callie's udder was really big. I checked her out and she had hard, scabby and cracked teats. She was so sore but I milked her out. I got almost 3 cups of milk from her. I used antiseptic and rubbed coconut oil on her. Twice a day I would rub the coconut oil and milk once a day. After 3 days she is back to normal. I think she was allowing Lucky to nurse and he was too rough. He isn't nursing now

I don't know what is up with the firepit that all the critters like to lay in it. 

 This is the greenhouse. Oh what a mess. I started to clean it. I carried all of the maple syrup stuff to the shed. I got to thinking we should put some flooring in the shed. The greenhouse will be done another day

The floor is that pressed wood. We were afraid if it got wet it might warp. We got some vinyl wood planks 

 All done! It is now waterproof and ready to get all my stuff moved in, It will be easy to care for

That's it. How was your week?

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  • Love the flooring in the shed. Stay warm out there. It is coooooold.

    Julie Gearheart

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