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It's Always Something

G carried cases and cases of my canned food to the basement. I went down to put them away. I was rotating the canned goods, the newest jars in the back and the older ones in front. When I got to the top shelf the jars were wet. A pipe in the ceiling had sprung a leak! G's friend is coming Saturday to fix the pipe.

We decided to move the canned goods and shelves to the other side of the basement where there are no pipes. It took us almost 2 days to take the jars off the shelves and move the shelves. Another 2 days to put the jars back on the shelves. We had to dump close to 50 jars of canned goods. The lids were all rusty from getting wet.  Thankfully is was just mostly BBQ sauce, ketchup, pickled jalapenos (I have made more this year) Guess I'll be making ketchup and BBQ sauce this week.


 Most of the stuff is put back on the shelves. It was back breaking carrying cases of jars to the other side. I need to rearrange and relabel the shelves but they are basically done.

The space on the bottom shelf was so tall it was wasted space. G made some shelves so I could double the jars up without them sitting on top of each other.

The good that came out of it was I found a couple of jars that had come unsealed, dumped some of really old jars, and the chickens got a case of canned corn (we realized we liked frozen or freeze dried corn better than canned)

That was our week. How was yours?

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  • Barb, the two of you amaze me. The work of canning is back breaking enough. I think it is great you are both doing what you love.

    Julie Gearheart

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