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Friday Farm Report 10/4/19

Home Sweet Home

    Happy Friday! My name is Sonny and I am taking my turn at writing the Friday Farm Report. I am the Son of Barb and George and have recently found myself back home, helping out with the farm and doing what I can to help my parents out while I transition into a new phase of my life.

    Growing up here, we didn't have a farm. We had 5 acres of land that butted up right against some farmland that belonged to my grandparents. My brother and I would often toss the ball around the yard and it eventually became our job to mow it, which seemingly took forever as this was before iPods and iPhones. 

    Now that I'm here, I have taken the responsibility to easing the workload off my parents. whether feeding the goats, collecting eggs, cleaning the chicken coop, cleaning up downed trees or fixing anything that I can fix, that is what I'm trying to immerse myself into. The thing is, I'm quite enjoying it. Not only do I get to spend valuable time with the people who sacrificed so much for me, but I get to return the favor in some small part. I also get to model sweat inducing hard work to my children, who have taken part in helping around the farm as well.

    My children have, after a period of adjustment, have done well here. they've lived in the city their entire lives but have embraced the quiet and stillness that accompanies country living. We have sat together at the dinner table every night, thanking the LORD for our meal and spent some nights playing spoons or Tripoly after cleanup was done. Overall, they've really embraced this new experience and, through a deal with Mamaw, are incentivized monetarily for doing extra chores around the farm.


    This past week around the farm, we have installed new flooring in the chicken coop among the regular day to day activities. Maintaining the farm's daily tasks may not be the most glamorous information to post on the blog, but it's a necessity to ensure the farm works the way it should.

    I hope you are looking forward to Fall as much as we are and to the cooler temperatures. We will be singing Christmas carols before you know it. With the drier air comes drier skin, so make sure to head over to the store on this website and order yourself some goat milk soap and lotions. Nothing works better to combat that itch that comes with the dry skin of the fall and winter.


    Quick reminder as well we will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market this Saturday and next to close out the Farmer's market season. Thanks for a great year! 

How was your week?

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  • Sonny – Nicely written! I’m sure Mom and Dad appreciate your help and it sounds as though your kids are also benefitting from your visit. Thanks for sharing!

    Bill Crawford
  • Sonny, it is a rewarding experience for the younger kids and they develope a love for the animals. I have been a city girl all my life and moved to the country 2 years ago. We have dogs and goats now and it is just a couple of old people doung the work to keep the animals going. Your Mom and Dad were the inspiration that got us going and sharef thier experience and love for the farm life. I hope you enjoy this gor tears to come. God bless you for giving back to your parents.

    Julie Gearheart

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