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 Cooler Temps

The weather has been beautiful. I wish it could stay like this year round. The goats are enjoying it too. I think they have spent more time outside this week than they did all summer. 

 We did our overdue hoof trimming on the boys. I only got pooped on 3 times and kicked twice.

G turned the compost pile over. It will be black gold by spring when we put it in the garden. 

 G and Sonny worked on the garage ceiling. We have done the maple syrup in the garage. All the steam from the boiling sap has made all the drywall tape come down. The drywall was bending really bad. They put up boards around the perimeter of the ceiling

Gave the ladies 2 gallons of tomatoes I thawed from the freezer. Tomatoes is one of their most favorite things. It is so funny to watch them eat. One will get a tomato and run away. Four or five will chase her trying to steal it from her, even though there is a pile of tomatoes. We call it chicken football

 I have been busy making soap and trying to restock our supply. We have several soaps marked down in the store. They were made with a smaller mold. These soaps are going to be discontinued. If you like the scent, order them before they are sold out. Once they are gone there will be no more.

How was your week?




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