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I want to apologize for the lack of farm reports.  I haven’t been feeling very good for a long time. The last couple months have been really bad. I went to the ER and had to have surgery. I am home now and recovering. I need to regain  my strength and weight. I am sore and tire easy but feel better than I have in ages. G has had to do everything around here. Poor guy got soaking wet and wrenched his back helping me shower. This man is worth his weight in gold and I am so proud to call him my husband

Barn Cleaning

G, my sister Pam, my kids Mandi and Sonny, my grandkids Claire, Sammi, Evan and Cece and Sammi"s boyfriend Zay spent a hard day of work cleaning the boys barn. I didn't get any pics but Mandi and Claire sent me some. It was reported to me that they worked so hard. They will never realize how much it meant to us for their help.
 G, Sammi and Claire
 Mandi hauled the wagon. She didn't want to go into the stinky barn
Sammi and G 
Claire turning the compost pile
Sammi hard at work. I was told Cece hauled butt cleaning. And Zay was a machine with the maddox. Sonny and Evan also worked hard.
 Happy boys
 All done!! My report was they all worked really hard.
Garden before goats got in.
 The goats broke into the garden again and ate all my strawberry plants so G opened the gate and let them have at it
Garden after goats. The bed 2nd from the top was my strawberry bed. not even 1 piece of green left.
G came home from the hospital to find Luna had somehow gotten stuck in a tomato cage. Never ever a dull moment.
I probably won't be posting weekly farm reports because there isn't a lot that is getting done beside the daily chores. 
How was your week?


  • So glad you are on this side of all that! Rest!

    Steve Gunn
  • Great news and BIG answer to prayer! Thank you for the wonderful encouragement and update! No one can possibly know how much work and energy it takes to work a farm unless they jump in and help! God bless each of those sweet and willing hearts that volunteered! Thankful you are on a healthy road to recovery! The finish line is in sight, Barb! What a good, good we serve! Blessings friend! From the Farm in Hamilton, Mo Lovell

    Maureen Lovell

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