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Friday Farm Report 10-18-19

Growing Together

This week has been so stop and go. Hard work peppered with periods of rest are welcome this time of year. This week started with some arduous work creating a new pen for the two bucks to help shelter them from the colder winds that accompany Autumn and Winter weather. To begin, the area had to be decluttered which was no small task as it had accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the last couple of years. It was an area that was used for storage of things like extra lumber and unused equipment. Luckily, the grandkids were available and worked extremely hard to help clean up. They both took turns learning to drive the tractor and taking loads of debris out of the way.


After hours of cleaning, sweeping and some light construction, the new pen was filled with a layer of fresh straw. The bucks now have an expanded area to explore and get away from that breezy cross wind in the barn. C also found a new friend on the farm and named him Orville.

With this hard work came some time of respite as well. The Farmers Market season is over so attention will shift toward online sales. With the Holidays fast approaching. now is the perfect time to get your hands (and face and hair) on our very own goat milk soap, lotions and other products found right here on our online store.

The last couple of days, one of our young goats hasn't been feeling well. Keeping to himself and not eating much, he has received some home remedies and we are hoping he recovers, but a trip to the vet may be required. 

So how was your week?

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  • Hey those toads are poisonous and that is what made your goat sick. If you don’t want to put it to sleep relocate it!

    Patricia E Dolby)

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