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A whole lot of nuthin

The beginning of the week was so hot, we didn't get much done. I made soap and that's about it.

Later in the week it cooled off and we started on the boys barn, I really hate cleaning their barn because we have to use the wheelbarrow to haul it out. The tractor won't fit in there. Of course we had more than enough help from the boys. We finally locked them out. We got about a fourth of it done. Gonna try this week to get more cleaned.

The girls have been coming into heat. They hang out at the boys gate and scream. They come into heat every 3 weeks. Just about every day one of them is being really annoying. We don't like to breed until the end of November. I don't like sitting in the barn in freezing temperatures for kidding.

Tomorrow is the last week at the Farm Market. Come on out and see us. I have caramels this week!!

How was your week?



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