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Friday Farm Report 10/11/19

Fall Finally Arrives

Nothing beats the feeling of an Autumn day. After the 90 degree days in October subsided, we have been treated with cooler temperatures and resplendent sunsets here on the Farm. These comfortable days lend toward better productivity as it feels like your energy isn't being drained by the heat and humidity. Seizing the opportunity, we have built and installed a new chicken coop door. This new door is sturdy and strong and should last for years and years to come.

We've also installed new swinging dual-way gate latches on 3 of our most heavily utilized gates. These make life so much easier as these allow the gates to be swung in or out and lock automatically when closed. Before this, we had a chain we had to secure to a nearby post, wrap it around the gate and secure it on the other side of the gate. With the goats or the dog Xena pushing up against you when trying to do this, it was more of a hassle than it should have been. These new gate latches solve all of these issues. 

Mom also received her new Maple Shack this week. This will be a fine place to make and can maple syrup during the colder months, also having it's own space reduces wear and tear on the garage, where she had been making it. Very much looking forward to enjoying some on top of some pancakes or waffles with the kids!


We cleaned out some more of the garden. Some of the soil is hard as cement. We brought in some help.

They did a great job until they found the strawberry bed. All it takes to get them out is shaking a bag of peanuts.

As usual, never a dull day on the Farm. Tomorrow, October 12th is the last day of the Sunbury Farmers Market on the Sunbury square. Please stop by and grab some of our extraordinary goat milk soaps, lotions or other products. Also, check out our online store and get in on the best stuff for your skin. Also search for us on Instagram and Twitter @oatherslegacy


Have a great week!

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