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 Since there wasn't anything going on here in the Ohio rainforest, I thought I would tell a little bit about us in this week's blog.

George and I grew up as city kids. We lived on the same street but on different ends. We went to the same schools. We knew each other but never really interacted. 

We went to CTI (now Columbus State) in 1971 taking Law Enforcement. I didn't drive so my mother told G she would pay him if he would take me to school. We started dating. He got on the Police Dept. Got married the following September 1972. Had first daughter Dec 1973, Second daughter April 1975, then twin boys May 1977. G was a police officer and I was a stay-at-home-mom

 We were still city kids with a tiny garden. G's grandmother gave us 5 acres. In 1986 we were finally able to move to the country. We lived with Gram while our house was being built. She taught me to quilt, can and gardening. I loved that woman like she was my own grandmother. Her home was open to everyone and she didn't know a stranger. She was an example to me what kind of grandmother I wanted to be.

The next 10 years was just trying to raise my kids, take care of my parents and just plain deal with life. I babysat a couple of my grandkids for several years. My garden went from tiny to small.I started to can. Just pickles and jams. 

We were empty nesters, my parents had passed away so that is when we really started to grow the farm. My garden got bigger and my canning increased. G retired after 35 years on the Columbus Police. As a gift to himself he had built a big barn for a workshop.

2011 is when we got our first flock of chickens. I went to pick up 6 and came home with 18. We turned the old workshop into a coop. We still have a couple of the original hens. There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs!!

2013 we got our first two goats (Bamboo and Colby) We closed in half of the old pole barn for them and cut an opening to the chicken run for them. Bamboo had twin does, Prim and Callie. Our garden went from small to big

2015 We bought a goat in milk (Bea) , her buckling(Topgun) and another buckling(Rango). We finished to other half of the polebarn and fenced in a yard. All the boys were moved to the pole barn. G took half of his barn and made it into the doe barn. I started making soap.

Every year we have grown. We have tried new things. Lots of successes and lots of failures. We have enjoyed almost everything. Beekeeping not so much. After getting stung several times I quit that. We freeze, can, dehydrate, and freeze dry everything from the garden. G works so hard keeping the farm running. He does all the heavy lifting. I would never ever be able to do it without him. It is hard, sometimes back breaking work. We are tied to the farm and critters. We have given blood, sweat and tears But we wouldn't want it any other way. The day I have to give up my goats will be the day they carry me feet first out the door.

So there you have it. Almost 47 years with my best friend, 4 kids, 9 grandkids, 1 great grandson, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 19 chickens and 21 goats. Life is good!!

How was your week?




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