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Several years ago we thought we would like to add bees to our farm. We got a couple of hives, set them up and added bees. One hive didn't make it but the other did. After getting stung several times I decided I didn't want to be a beekeeper. We never opened them. They have sat untouched for a couple of years.

The other day the weather was halfway decent and nothing else was going on so we chose to opened them up to see if we had any honey. The one had nothing but dead bees. We had to pry off the lid of the other one.

This one was stuffed with honeycombs. We had to use the hammer to knock the frames out of the super.

The top super was filled with honeycomb! The bottom super had mostly dead bees. We brought the frames in the house to let them warm up. We then scraped the frames into a 5 gallon bucket lined with a fine mesh. We let it sit to drain overnight. We filtered the honey again.

Poured into jars

We ended up with almost 9 quarts of raw honey. Sweet, sticky, yummy honey  We were so surprised and excited to get any honey, let alone this much. The most important thing we learned with this endeavor is DO NOT extract honey in the kitchen!!!  I don't think there was a single surface that wasn't sticky. We scrubbed,  mopped and steam cleaned the floor at least 20 times. Next time we will do it outside where we can hose and power wash all the sticky mess.

 G has decided he wants to try again. So we will set up the hives in a more accessible area and add some bees again. Here on the farm, I have been stepped on, knocked down, kicked, bitten, hair pulled and chewed on, scratched, pecked, stung and pooped on. I draw the line on bee stings. I will help with extracting honey but the beekeeping will be G's thing.

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