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53 Days until Spring!!! 

Not much happening this week. The weather was all over the place. We had temperatures of 60 and single digits. We had snow calf high and mud ankle deep. The critters are ready for spring too. The hens refuse to go in the snow but don't mind the cold, rain and mud. They are just happy to not be cooped up. lol

The goats don't mind the snow but don't let a drop of rain touch them. And then there is Xena. She just loves to be outside no matter what the weather is.

On pregnancy watch. We had 7 of the girls go down to the buck barn. 3 of them came back into heat so I don't think babies for them this year. 

I do think Prim (left) and Callie (right) is pregnant. The other 2 iffy ones, Heidi and Hailey not sure. We still have 2 months to go to wait for babies.

I have been freeze drying this week still. I love love love my freeze dryer! Aldi's had mushrooms on sale for $.69 a pack. G loves mushrooms and I hate them. When we buy a pack I usually have to throw out half of them but now he can get what he wants. No waste at all. I have also done pineapple, pasta, chicken noodle soup, black beans and rice , skittles and ice cream sandwiches this week. Kroger had whole chickens for .79 a pound. Chicken is in the freeze dryer now and bone broth is cooking. 

 Well, that all the boring stuff I did. How was your week?

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