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Winter at the Farm!

Last weekend we didn't get the 8 inches they predicted. We got rain most of the day turning to ice in the evening, then snow overnight

I thought for sure the poor pine tree would break under all the ice and snow.

Everything had a layer of ice. It was so beautiful when the sun hit it. 

See the sweet face of Bamboo? Not so fast. She is Bamboo the Hussy! Bamboo was in heat this week. She spent most of the cold, snowy day screaming at the boys gate, I looked out toward early evening and didn't see her. Good I thought. She has given up and gone back to her barn. G went out to feed and lock up all the critters that night. Lo and behold, Bamboo the Hussy had squeezed through the boys gate and was in the boys barn. She was with the wethers so no big deal right? Well maybe or maybe not. The wethers share a fence in the yard and a gate in the barn. Bamboo the Hussy could have backed up to the gate or the fence. We will know in June. Might have to go on Jerry Springer to do a show "Who your baby daddy"


The kitchen cabinets are in except for the pantry. They ordered the wrong size, The counters won't be in until Feb. 5th. They put in the old sink so we can have water until the counters come. We didn't have water in the kitchen for 6 days. I am no stranger to clutter, but OMG this has been driving me insane.

How was your week?

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  • From what I can see your farm looked good with the snow. I love snow! Too bad we didn’t get more.
    I loved my farm I used to have till my ex started messing around. Took care of that.


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