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Winter Sowing

We finally got a bit of snow. It was only several inches but it was enough to make the chickens hate life, the goats tolerate it, Xena and the farmhands think it the best time to be outside.

Winter time is so boring. You would think after being busy for months gardening, yard work and canning, we would enjoy the down time. Nope

 We've been getting seed catalogues and now we have the itch to dig in the dirt. To scratch the itch a bit I ordered a hydroponics kit.


I put garden mix in front row, spinach in middle and buttercrunch lettuce in the back. This picture is 4 days after I put the seeds in. You can almost watch them grow.

Last year friends of ours told us about winter sowing. We researched it on the internet and watched a bunch of You Tube videos. We decided to give it a try. It just cost us the price of a bag of top soil and some seeds.

We used water jugs. Drill drain holes in the bottom. Cut the jug just under the handle but leave a few inches so it makes a hinge. Fill it with wet potting soil, plant some seeds, water, tape the jug together and label. 

We did 21 water jugs. Our experiment seeds we planted are: 2 kinds of Kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, lavender, basil, dill, thyme, cilantro, fennel, parsley, 4 kinds of perennial flowers, pumpkin, lettuce, onion, rosemary. 

 G dug out the snow blower. It cranked right up first try. M2 wanted to try it. G never got it back

 M1 used a shovel while his brother did the snow blower

 Then it was M1's turn. What does any good brother do while using the snow blower?

 He turns it so all the snow hits his brother in the face of course. M1 shoveled the sidewalk, patio and deck without even being asked to do it. 


M2 and L then went into the backyard and shoveled snow in the yard to make an igloos.

 M1 building an igloo. The boys were outside for hours except a short time to come inside to have some hot chocolate.

 Gathering Supplies

We have been gathering supplies for things we need to do next month. I will be starting my seeds indoors. I have a bunch of seed starter trays, grow lights, heat mats, coco coir and seeds. I'm all set.

We have been saving water and milk jugs for sap. We have 10 sap buckets that we have used. 

We ordered 10 of these tapping tubes. We thought we might try to use these in addition to our buckets

Not our picture but I wanted to show how it works. We can't do this type where the dog, goats and chickens are. We use the sap buckets hung on the tree for those areas. We are going to use the tubes in the back wooded area. We have never tapped back there. 

I'm still making soap. I am almost caught up restocking low inventory. I want to have enough soaps and lotions for the farmers market come spring.

We have been cranking up the woodburning stove. It is such a warm heat. Much warmer than the furnace. A few times it has almost run us out it was so hot in here. G tried to get the log splitter out of the tractor shed since the ground was frozen. I was frozen to the ground and would not budge. He split some wood the old fashion way with a maul. We will have to be getting some more wood to last the rest of the winter.

That's about all that is going on here. How was your week?

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  • Great ideas especially like the jugs for seed starting! Glad you’re restocking on the soap too!


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