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It's been slow this week down on the farm. We have had snowy and cold days. G and I have had miserable colds. But the dogs, cats, chickens and goats don't give a hoot how bad you feel or how nasty outside is. They want their food, water and hay. G had to go get another load of hay and luckily the sliding barn door did open.

We got 5 eggs this week!!! The girls have finally decided to start earning their keep. I don't like the store bought eggs we had to break down and buy. Nothing better than farm fresh eggs.

Because we felt so bad I made us some homemade chicken noodle soup. 2 quarts of chicken bone broth, 1 pint of chicken, dehydrated carrots and freeze dried onions and celery. I remembered after having added store bought egg noodles that I had some homemade noodles in the freezer. This is why I love canning, dehydrating and freeze drying. It took no time at all to prepare. It tasted so good and sure made me feel better.

I have been pouring over the seed catalogs and trying to plan this years garden. I want to try some new things this year. This is my garden right now

Did get some soap made this week. Made some cherry almond, lavender flowers, green tea, and lemongrass guest bars.

 How was your week?

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