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Last week G retired for the second time. This man has worked since he was 15. I couldn't be any more proud of the hard worker and provider he is. He deserves to enjoy life and do what he wants. He now answers to no one but the Lord (and me) I am so happy to have my best friend home full time. Congrats George!!!

This is his uniform now. Retirement does not mean a life of leisure. There is always something that needs done. But as long as all the critters are fed and watered it is our choice what we do for the day.  G did a lot of outside work. He cleaned the chicken coop, took apart the old chick coop and built a feed shelter for the chick run to protect the feed from the weather. We will be getting some chicks this year. Most of the chickens are old ladies and enjoying their retirement.


We raked the hay that was by the gate in the girls barn and spread it down by the boys gate. It has been so muddy that you almost sink to your ankles. We have had either warmer weather and mud every where or cold temps and frozen ground. This was the first time in years that I was able to rake and not be in pain. I have gained 14 pounds since my surgery. Another 10-15 and I will be back to my normal weight.

 I have been mostly doing inside work. I canned some chicken and chicken bone broth for my sister. I also canned beef and beef bone broth that I split with my sister. I have made some soap, lotion and wax melts, freeze dried some things and tried to organize some in the basement

I love potato skins. I can make a meal of just them especially on nights I make G any kind of seafood. I usually buy Fridays Potato Skins. It is a box of 5 for $5.69. We went to 3 Krogers, a Walmart and Meijer yesterday and every single store was out of them. We stopped at GFS to see if they had any. They had just a big bag of plain skins. Cost was $10. I then filled them myself

Bag of skins, bacon and cheese cost less than $20. I vacuum sealed 4 in a bag. Got 13 bags of potato skins. Savings making my own was $40

 My daughter makes and sells customized insulated tumblers. We are going to add them to the web store as soon as we can figure out how. These pics are what she made for me and G.



 How was your week?

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