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Nothing much going on this week so Barb wanted me to do the old farm report. A couple of the goats were in heat but they have already been on their dates earlier so they are out of luck for a second date. Our kitchen cabinets are supposed to be put in this Thursday, not bad since we ordered them in October. Lol. For Christmas our daughter and son in law got us sweat equity to help tear out the old cabinets. Our chickens have given us a total of two eggs this week out of 19 chickens. Can’t wait till the season changed so they will lay more. Barb has been very busy making more goat milk soap, lotion bars, bath bombs, shower bombs and other lotions. She is really becoming quite the entrepreneur of the soap world. Well that’s about all this week. Hope you and yours have a wonderful week.


  • I refuse to eat anything but fresh eggs. I won’t even eat eggs at Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel. I freeze dry eggs so I have some during the winter when the girls slack off

    Barb Smith
  • It’s good to hear your farm is doing well. I love goats. Their hysterical.
    I have raised chickens. Stoe bought eggs are digusting after eating fresh eggs.

    Sonia Willis Lanning
  • Thanks for the farm update! Tell the goats " been there, done that, sorry girls " 2nd dates missed are a bummer…lol. Seriously though….great news about Barb’s biz! Stay warm my friend!.

    karen stumpf lewis

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