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46 Days until Spring!!!

January is finally over. Boy it seems like it lasted forever. We have had cold, snow and rain but nothing too bad. I went out to the buck barn the other morning and the wheel of the gate was frozen in a rut. I tried pushing, pulling and digging it out to no avail. I finally had to climb over the gate. Not a pretty sight to see an old lady in carharts and muck boots trying to scale a gate. G got it loose when he got home from work and placed a board in the rut. Easy peasy now to get in.

I got most of my seed! I ordered some from Ohio Heirloom seeds and we went up to Amish country to the Berlin Seed Co to get some more. I swore I was going to cut back on some of the varieties of tomatoes and peppers but just can't help myself.

G tapped the trees for maple syrup. As soon as he did sap started dripping out before he even got the bucket up. We didn't get any maple syrup last year because of the weird weather we had. Hoping for a good sap season this year, He set out 10 buckets

 Maggie got really sick this week. She had gotten into the trash and ate the chicken bones. She was vomiting and lethargic. We took her to the vet who thinks it is pancreatitis. He gave her antibiotics and meds. So here is hoping she will be on the mend.

That's it for now. How was your week?

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