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The garden is overflowing. It was time to break out the canners. I taught myself to can jams, jellies and pickles many years ago but was terrified to use a pressure canner. About 5 years ago, after countless you tube videos, I got up the nerve to try. It was so much easier than I thought.

Why can? Here are some of my reasons

It is economical. After the initial investment of the canning supplies and jars, the only thing you need is lids. The jars and rings can be reused for years. A lot that I can comes from our garden. You also can seasonal stuff which is at its peak and usually cheaper.

It is healthier. I know exactly what is in our food. And I can pronounce each ingredient. Our garden just uses compost made right here on the farm. we use no chemicals or pesticides.

Ready made food. Even with a power failure, we have meals already cooked. There is no worry of spoilage like with the freezer. It is so convenient to open a few jars and have a meal in a few minutes.

It last forever. Well not really but if the jar is sealed it will last for years.

I enjoy it. I like seeing shelves full of food that we have put up. 

Water bath canning

Jams, jellies, pickles, apple sauce, tomatoes, fruits and any high acid food can be canned with the water bath canning.

Pressure canning

All low acid food must be canned in the pressure canner. Vegetables, meats, soups, seafood. 

I do can all year round but summer is the busiest time. I have not bought any tomato juice, pizza sauce, beef, chicken or vegetable stock in years. And it so rich and tasty.

I would encourage everyone to learn to can. With the cost of food rising all the time it would be wonderful to stock your shelves

I am blessed to be livin the good life


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